Thursday, March 20, 2014

My New World

It was ten years ago when I was sitting in Anacortes, WA at the NESD 189 learning how to write Classroom Based Assessments when I came across this text titled The New World of Blogs by Tyler Cowen. When I first read the article (which I was to write assessment questions for) I thought to myself, what they heck are they talking about? Not only was I confused about what this Cowen was talking about, but how the heck are my 9th grade students suppose to read this and understand what he was talking about? We struggled through it every year. 

Over the years I have heard more and more about blogging. I always thought of it as a bit narcissistic, why would you want to write about yourself? Who cares? Until recently. The past two years I have attended the MACUL (Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning) conference and blogging has been a hot topic. This past year I made it a point to attend some of the sessions on blogging. I was hooked. 

What I learned is blogging is not narcissistic, but more of a place to reflect and showcase who you are. It can be for the whole world to see or an intimate place to get your thoughts down. It's a place to watch yourself grow as a person or professional. Its a place to document important times and accomplishments in you life.  

My intent for this blog is a place for me to reflect on my professional career and showcase my professional accomplishments. 

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