Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Classroom MakerSpace Solution

"It was easy and it's the most desired planning time choice. It's great to see what the kids create."
~Laurie Chenevey, Adrian Public Schools

One of my New Year goals is to write a blog post at least once a month (I need to get myself back on blogging track). An unexpected work from home snow day has given me some much needed time to get caught up this month. A bonus is that I get to write this poolside as my kids swim at our local (as in, across the street) family rec center.

Before school was let out for the holiday’s I was lucky enough to visit my son’s kindergarten classroom. Laurie Chenevey is an amazing teacher, she has had both of my children for kindergarten and I am so amazed by her patience, kindness, flexibility, and willingness to try new things. At the end of each school day, Laurie gives her students a 30 minute Planning Time. This is a time for Laurie to get her day wrapped up, folders ready to go home, answer a few quick emails, and get organized for the next day. Kids are given choices such as; iPad time, LEGO’s, scrolling, marble run, and others.

After introducing MakerSpaces to the staff, Laurie took it upon herself to add a creation station to her Planning Time. The creation station consists of random materials like cups, foam, cardboard, and straws. Kids are simply allowed to create! My son LOVES this time! So much he has requested for an old shelving unit I was going to take to the dump be moved into his room so he can display the things he makes during this time.

The beauty about this time is that it is complete student choice. Even before last year and adding the creation station, she essentially had a MakerSpace. A place with really no rules, no standards, no steps. Just a place for students to express their passions and create them with different materials.

Follow Laurie on Twitter or check out her classroom Facebook Page!


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