Tuesday, February 9, 2016

NovaNow? Yes Please!

"Ever wish that you could chat with the “expert presenter” at a coffee shop instead of watching her PowerPoint in a large auditorium?
Ever wish that professional development involved critical thinking instead of following the latest fads?
Ever wish a conference was small, intimate, vendor-free, conversational, and actually located in a school?
Ever wish students themselves were part of professional development?
Ever wish a conference was the beginning of professional development relationships instead of the climax?"
The front page of the NovaNow website pretty much sums it up! I had a blast at my first NovaNow conference held at a beautiful school, I am extremely jealous and in awe of; Kent Innovation High School, in Grand Rapids, MI. The first day started out with the KI students showcase, tour, and MakerSpace. I had a great time listening to the students talk passionately about the projects they had worked on. You could truly see the pride in their eyes as they spoke to our group. 
I also learned that I am no match for a Polaroid Camera. The take apart station in the MakerSpace and the amazing Lori Barr session on her take apart labs was a huge motivator for me to start one myself soon! (wink wink. DM me if you are interested).

Ann vs. The Polaroid 

Innovation is everywhere in this school! From record players (I checked, the students do know how to work it, according to Trevor Muir) to the cell phone in the boot! How come I never thought about that? Genius! 

The beauty of this conference is the connections you will leave with and conversations you will wish to have more of; from PBL in math to classroom design, from the roots of Montessori to PBL chaos, to icy debrief walks in the afternoon...

On the morning of day 2 were had the privilege to listen to a group called Diatribe, a group of amazing young adults doing amazing things for high schools around the state of Michigan. I would highly encourage you to check out what they are about and consider bringing them into your schools. Their message and poetry is amazing and left me teary eyed and joyful all at once! 

I would encourage educators to follow NovaNow and plan on attending next years conference. You will walk away feeling refreshed, inspired, and connected following this conference!    

Last, but not least. I learned what Fromage is! Thank you friends. 

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