Monday, August 4, 2014

4 Tried & True Reading Strategies Revamped

This summer I started my first class for my Ed Tech degree through UofM Flint. Of course, like usual, I am not doing this in order and I am actually taking one of the last classes of the program first, Course Design. I spent the first two weeks of the course debating the course I would design. I began designing the curriculum for our 5th grade computer course, which I do not teach. In week three, I decided I would redesign the course I teach at Adrian College. The course is College Critical Reading and Thinking, it is through the Academic Service department, and is for freshman who scored low on the Reading ACT or came to AC with a low GPA. Most of the students play sports and have very demanding/busy schedules, they are beyond raising their reading levels, and have never really been "readers",  so I like to focus the class on teaching them strategies that will help them efficiently read and organize text. 

When I sat down to redesign the class I wanted to narrow down the strategies I teach and focus on three to four that cover efficiency and organization. These three strategies are what I like to call Tried & True strategies. They are strategies that have been around for a very long time and are still seen today in reading strategy books. What I tried to do was make these strategies computer reading friendly. As you look at each lesson plan of the four you will see/hear apps and web tools that will help students use these same strategies when reading online. Be sure to watch the video links! 

Online Active Reading 



Triple HIghlighting


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