Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Daily 5 Revamped

I had the pleasure of working with elementary teachers from all over the county at the LISD's Daily 5 Revamped. I was asked to share apps and websites that engage, support independence and stamina. I was lucky enough to "present" in the new CMat center. I loved the comfy, collaborative space to talk and discuss with others.  

I titled my session 5 for 5,  the purpose of the session was to focus on 5 engaging apps to use during Daily 5: Explain Everything/Educreations, Aurasma, Nearpod, Write About This, and Zooburst.

Aurasma was fun to show the teachers. I used the book Grace for President and with the help of my 7 year old daughter we made the book interactive using Aurasma and Explain Everything (check out the video, sorry not the best quality). We made AR flashcards using vocab terms from the book also. 

Video your students reading a piece of writing and make the piece a AR trigger for parent teacher night. 
I become more and more impressed with Nearpod. Publishers like Time for Kids and have started producing Nearpod lessons to go along with the magazines and articles. I shared with the teachers that Nearpod is a great way to formatively assess students during and after a lesson.  

In two weeks I will be back to the CMat to present at CRAFTing on A-Z Science, Evernote, and Google collaboration.

I can't wait for our classrooms to start looking more like this! 


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